US Department of Education Blue Ribbon School Program



Bussing is provided by the student’s home district. Parents need to be aware that bus pick-up and dropoff
times can fluctuate anywhere from 10-15 minutes. Therefore, please be cognizant about being at the
bus stop earlier than the designated pick-up and drop-off times.

Car Line

During morning drop off, cars should enter the premises through the South Shore Trail lot and follow the
car line to the school courtyard. Under no circumstance, are children to be dropped off in the South Shore
Trail lot and allowed to walk to the school by themselves. Parents should remain in their car during
drop off. There will be staff members on duty to meet students and assist with drop off.
At dismissal, cars should line up in the South Shore Trail parking lot and again proceed with caution to
the pick up line. Do not arrive prior to 2:15 PM. All cars must have a family name clearly displayed in
the front windshield on the driver’s side of the car. Students will be called to the appropriate pick-up area
by their family name. Please remain in the car during this process. Students are not allowed to walk to
a parked car without a teacher or administrator escort.
Parents are asked to pay close attention during the car line process. It is recommended that cell phones
not be used at this time. Please follow the traffic directions given by the teachers on duty.
It is the responsibility of the parent to contact car pool members and after school care agencies when a
child is absent, leaves school early, or needs other arrangements to be made.
Homeroom teachers should be advised in writing if a child is to go home in a different car pool or by a
different means on a given day.