US Department of Education Blue Ribbon School Program

Physical Education

Our bodies are a gift from God. By respecting them and making healthy choices, we give Him thanks and praise.

The Physical Education Program focuses on students’ improved physical fitness. Classes include exercises designed to increase flexibility, muscle strength, endurance, and cardio-respiratory fitness at every grade level. The program continues to play “game-type” activities in order to provide opportunities for the children to experience maximum participation, healthy competition and good sportsmanship.

In addition, students participate in the President’s Physical Fitness Challenge which measures the aforementioned fitness criteria by scoring an individual’s performance in 5 activities: sit-ups, push-ups, V-stretch, shuttle run, and the mile run. The students’ scores are compared to other children their age across the nation. Ideally, students take the Challenge in the fall and again in the spring so they can monitor their individual progress as well.

Physical fitness as lifelong goal is promoted in the program. Lifetime activities are those which a person is able to do, after formal education, in order to stay physically healthy.