US Department of Education Blue Ribbon School Program

Our Mission & Philosophy

Mission Statement

As a Catholic school community, we believe that through modeling kindness, forgiveness, and compassion, we can make a difference in God's world.  We believe all children should feel safe, loved, and inspired throughout their academic and spiritual journey to be passionate learners and live Christ-centered lives.



Rev. George A. Brown Memorial School, a Catholic educational institution, is committed to fostering a love of God, neighbor, and self in accordance with the Word as shown through the Gospels and as modeled by Christ on Earth. In living the faith we encourage students to assimilate those Christian values and standards which will enable them to attain the goal of salvation. These values will also enable students to recognize the need for loyalty and patriotism so that their lives may be lived rooted in peace, responsibility, justice, and fairness as they take their rightful place in society. We commit ourselves to encouraging, supporting, and supplementing the role of parents in their task of leading children on their journey to God. We also commit ourselves to providing a well-rounded, balanced educational program which will enable them to reach their fullest potential, spiritually, intellectually, socially, emotionally, and physically. It is our aim to lead our students to a full understanding and acceptance of their potentialities and abilities.

We celebrate each student’s uniqueness as a child of God. As a Christian community we are committed to developing each student’s God-given gifts and talents. Through discovery, thought-processes, and life experiences, we encourage the students to learn the basic academic and life skills that need to be learned before they can go on to master the skills for critical thinking. We recognize that, in order to accomplish this goal, we need to provide an environment which will reinforce and nurture the self-confidence and self-esteem each child requires in order to grow and mature into a responsible member of the school, Church, family, and world communities.